15 Easy ways to beat allergies

Hey, it’s MacMila. Today I want to talk about something, that only people touched by allergy of any kind will understand. How to fix this. How to make our lives a bit better. Allergy is a big deal If you don’t have one, lucky bastard, go ahead and leave this post. But if you are […]

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People worth following

If you are not into reading long columns, leave a comment below about what you think about these people, just for a conversation. The story I love internet. It allows me to stay connected all the time, make some human interactions and follow interesting personas. I am around the web since 2010 so I was rather […]

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Working with family

Hey, it’s MacMila. Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about what I do besides trying to figure out how to blog better. My parents have two shops where we sell cigarettes. This is purely a family company, where no one from the outside is allowed. Yet. Traffic in our shops increased greatly […]

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Keep a journal

Hey, it’s Mila. Today I want to talk about something private. A journal. Something that reflects your thoughts, your day, mood and everything that is going on right now. I personally started writing down my own not that long ago but I can already see some intresting results. It makes me more organised. Listen, I […]

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The chosen, 3%

Do you watch Netflix? <SPOILER FREE REVIEW> Because I am crazy in love with this service. Up to the point where I might call it an addiction. I watch a ton of things, from the most popular shows to some smaller indie titles. What is 3%? It is a sci-fi series located in a reality […]

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Power Outage

Hello, it’s MacMila. I was wondering what my first post should be. Picking a perfect story, something that will catch your attention. And it came to me in one click. The problem When I arrived from the city, I have discovered that I have zero electricity in my house. Today is a world cup beginning […]

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What’s first

Hey everyone! It will be a pleasure to welcome you all in my new blog. I used to write in polish, but I was thinking about joining english-writers community for a long time now, and this is my shot. You will find daily life advices, technology reviews, food and restaurant visits, travel advice and posts […]

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